Signature Massage

Signature Massage is an intuitive treatment working the stressed areas of the body & mind.

Starting with meditation & sound to ease you into relaxation followed by an intuitive massage on your stress areas and finishing with energy healing.

The perfect anti-dote to overwhelm and stress.


Signature Facial

With an intuitive blend of skincare, high frequency, LED, sonic exfoliation and then finishing with sculpting facial massage & gua sha lymphatic drainage.

This sculpts, lifts & brightens the skin.

Every facial includes neck and shoulder massage and reflexology foot massage.



Relaxing Deep Tissue

Choose from a strong or light pressures massage for the ultimate relaxation, this treatment works deep into the belly of the muscle for ease tension.

Pick from music, pressure and treatment oils for this bespoke body massage.

Options from 30 mins to 2 hours.


Stones on Foot

Add On Facial

Relaxing Deep Tissue with an add on booster facial 
when you are limited to time but still want the
amazing results of a facial. 


Add On Hot Stone

Need an extra boost in your treatment.
Add on hot stone to soothe an aching, cold body
before a deep tissue


Pregnant belly

Mother To Be

Treatment designed by mid wives for the perfect 
pre/post natal de-stress.
Working on tension areas & reducing swelling in the body this nurturing session is done on the side line with supportive pillows.