The Restroom. A wellness concept created by Sound Touch Change.

The vision is to make wellness not only accessible but comfortable and relaxed for anyone interested.  Too many times wellness spaces feel too gentrified to be your true self in. The dream was to hold space for people in a place that felt like home, a space for new friends to retreat too during this crazy journey we call life and also get a bloody good treatment.

At The Restroom, Sound Touch Change has chosen a selection of practitioners to rent the space as well, literally calling in a tribe of wellness gurus from sound therapy, online fitness, nutrition, coaching, facials, reiki and advanced massage.

Focusing each treatment, class or session in a bespoke way to focus on mind, body and energy.

Working on the body as a whole to heal the soul.​

The Restroom is community wellness.​​



Strength & Repair



Releasing & Healing


Flow & Guidance

Work Desk


Organic & Glowing

Facial Wash
Eye Bag Treatment


Enhancing & Result

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Strength & Healing



Don’t Take Just our Word For it

The sessions with Amanda shone a bright light upon behaviours and thoughts that were arising from my old limiting belief.  I had been running around trying to please, desperately seeking validation, love and attention outside of me because of this belief.

The process itself was incredibly powerful yet Amanda kept it light-hearted, playful and relaxed. I felt deeply fully supported and encouraged throughout.

It created a shift in my unconcious that has allowed me to adopt a new no fucks given approach to life because I love and accept myself and know deep in my cells and soul that I am enough exactly as I am.

NLP Change Coaching

Lovely little sanctuary in Trowbridge Gardens. Amanda struck the perfect balance between a deep tissue massage and relaxation, whilst focusing on the areas that I had highlighted as needing some extra attention. All in all I am very happy and I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone!

Deep Tissue Massage

Was like someone had got me high! Amanda focused on my aches and pains as well as shifting all this anxiety I have been having.  I was shifted straight to another world with that gong and floated on a cloud for the whole evening.
Anyone thinking of booking- now is the time.

Signature Treatment

I never knew a massage could make that much difference.  She used a selection of tools and lifting movements with the products to make me look ten year younger! Massive fan of the LED therapy and I will be back.

Facial Client

Amanda is fantastic! Best wax I have EVER HAD.

Waxing Client

No upcoming events at the moment

"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare


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