Founder of The Rest:Room. Sound Therapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Advanced Massage Therapist and caller in of the beautiful souls below.

Amanda is an accomplished healer and therapist working under the name Sound Touch Change.

Amanda's background is in the luxury wellness industry, spending years        training staff in spa resorts across Asia, Maldives, UAE and Europe.  Her extensive travels and contact with local traditional therapists introduced her to a wealth of knowledge and high skill set within massage and holistic therapies.

Amanda recovered from a period of feeling completely lost in life through NLP Change Coaching and Sound Therapy.  This experience had such a profound effect on her she decided to take these modalities to combine into her practice. Though this her business Sound. Touch. Change was born.

Amanda still works actively as a treatment therapist, hosts clients virtually for NLP coaching, 1-1 sound journeys and Reiki Drumming and regularly holds space at moon ceremonies, retreats and her All Night Gong Bath where she plays for 8 hours (one not to be missed).


Advanced Massage Therapy

NLP Life Coaching

Timeline Therapy

Reiki Drumming

Sound Therapy

Beauty Treatments

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