Amanda is an accomplished healer and therapist working under the name Sound Touch Change, with her own treatment space - The Rest Room.
Her background is in the luxury health and beauty industry. Amanda spent 6 years training staff in massage and beauty at luxury spa resorts in Thailand, Cambodia and The Maldives. Her extensive travels and contact with local traditional therapists sparked an interest in alternative holistic treatments, especially modalities with sound, which guided her into a more healing way of working with the body.
Amanda recovered from a period of depression through Breathwork. This experience had such a profound effect on her she decided to become a holistic practitioner herself.
She is expert in Reiki, Advanced Massage, Sound Healing and a Master Practitioner of NLP.
Amanda holds both groups, 1-1 sessions and transformational courses using NLP, gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and voice.
Her speciality is Overnight Gong Baths when she plays for 8 hours for a magical sleep over.  
She collaborates regularly with healers and other practitioners for powerful ceremonies through love of the moon, wiccan rituals and movement. 
Amanda’s mantra is Be The Best Version Of You. 

Sound Touch Change

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