Do I need Neural Coding™?

Updated: Mar 7

Are you feeling stuck on this journey of life?

Are you feeling the overwhelm with your day to day?

Do you have patterns, behaviours or habits you wish you didn't?

Do you have a goal or dream that you just do not believe could come true or even where to start?

Are you waiting to be found out or fired for not being good enough?

Then trust me I was in your shoes once.

During this time I had no clue this is what a coding session could help with or even know that this was not "normal" behaviour. I had just resided to the fact that this was how I was and nothing could change it. But believe me when I tell you it can change your mindset and behaviours in just a few sessions.

I work with my clients through the change I know they so truly deserve in life as did I.

So how does it work?


This first step is the most important and this is discovery. As no two minds are the same, discovering exactly what we need to work on is the most important. Our neurology is always serving us and forms limiting beliefs for a strange form of protection, that simply does not serve us. My tools for discovery will assist you to tap into what we need to change very quickly.


During the virtual session we will work through your negative thoughts and behaviours with simple processes to reroot your neural pathways in your unconscious mind, this is as simple as deleting an app on your i-phone when it is running slow.

These behaviours come from our unconscious mind which is driving 90% of our daily patterns. We all have them, some stronger and more scary than others but all they do is HOLD US BACK from where we want to be.

I want to change but I get overwhelmed even thinking about it.

I cant charge that.

Im not good enough to do that!

What if I fail?

I don't deserve this.

What will people think of me?

I'm too stupid to do that.

Im fat ill never to able to do it.

Beliefs like the ones above are limiting, they are called limiting beliefs and as the name says they limit us and are not true. I am passionate about working on my 1-1 sessions, it is like being given the instruction manual for your mind.


"How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives"

I am lucky enough to work with the award winning tools by Dc Amanda Foo-Ryland that assists us in moving forward day by day and giving us a clear action compass on where we would like our lives to head and person we would like to be.

These tool are personalised to your goal, dream or life you wish for.

So ask yourself who could you be if someone re-coded your neurology? Check out the free discovery consultation below:

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