Gong Bath - The New Anxiety Cure.

Are you looking for a cure for anxiety? Gong baths or sound baths have been proven to support you through tough times of anxiety by bringing into the present moment. Anxiety is always a worry of the future or things to happen, almost like a movie we repeat in our mind of a bad outcome. I generally work with my clients by taking them through the Neural Coding Experience however check out this review from a client of mine who suffered from anxiety his whole life. He came to me for a few sessions with sound and this was his feedback:

I have suffered from anxiety for years. I have tried many methods to handle it. Some has been successful but it would always come back, I was recommend a sound healing. This was my first gong bath and didn't know much about it. Amanda gave me an introduction for how the session would work. During the gong I could feel my anxiety lifting out of me, a feeling I had never felt before.
The sounds I could feel vibrating through me felt like it was realising energy from me which I was holding onto. Since my first gong bath I haven't felt any anxiety and have started a spiritual journey of self discovery which I never knew I would go on. Every gong bath I learn more how to relax and organise my thoughts.
I could not recommend this enough to anyone suffering with anxiety like I did. Amanda guides you through it all and I will keep going back to her. I enjoy every minute.

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