The New Normal: Massage Therapist Guidelines

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What is the new normal?

Our industry has changed now and been redesigned to a new type of normal. 

This is a must read for everyone clients and fellow therapists who are still unsure.

So how does this look now, this is the guidelines from the government, this is not my choice this is something us as therapist now risk prison if we do not comply.

-Consultations are now fully done online, social distancing guidelines are still in place so now this is something we can not do face to face. Zoom calls will be set up for my clients pre-treatment so we can meet and get this done before hand and lower any risk of infection.

-Close contact treatments will not allow any face to face work, a lot of treatments will now be done on your side and laying face down- don’t worry I have this covered- we will still get to those neck pains covered.

-Temperature checks will have to be done on arrival, this is again to protect my studio and yourself, as will be done for staff and clients.