Skin & Tonic Products

CALM BALM: popular with insomniacs, soothes dry, sensitive skin and amazing at relaxing your mood.

I am so excited to have this beautiful local product range arriving into the studio.  I started using @skinandtonicldn at @relaxldn  where I work as a facialist on Thursdays.

This skin care was created over a glass of gin and tonic when noticing how much rubbish is in our skincare products. Sarah the creator of this range had been through a time of stress and her skin started to flare up developing breakouts, redness and dermatitis literally the same happened to me about 30 years old, I was travelling loads, overworking, over partying, poor diet and exhausted. Sound familiar? Literally most of us Londoners do this.

I took my skincare right back during this time I used a simple Coconut oil to cleanse and a Gentle Rose Spray to really detox and calm the skin. It was my savour.

@skinandtonicldn  have tapped into this concept only using organic ingredients and most of the products only having about 4 ingredients all of which I know!

I invite you to check the back of your skincare and notice how many ingredients and also how many of them you know! If this was food we would never except it!