Lockdown skin and how to deal with it.

Updated: Mar 7

Are you tired of your skin staring back at you?


-Dark Circles.

-Dry Skin.



-Chapped Lips.

This year my clients have found staring back at your skin on zoom platforms highly triggering. The effects on our skin from hours on laptops, in the house for days on end and stress have caused a new condition know as 'lockdown skin'.

So is this a real thing?

Yes! Is the short answer. Seeing as our routine have changed so much over the past year our skin is defiantly taking the effect, so why is this.

Stress: Your body will produce higher amounts of cortisol - the stress hormone which will cause an over production of sebum in the pores, increasing risk of acne. Stress also breaks down the collagen and elastin the skin causing fine lines and wrinkles.

Being Indoors: Lack of vitamin D from lengthly hours indoors. Vitamin D deficiency causes inflammation in the body, becoming a trigger for break outs, eczema flare ups and rosacea.

Sleep Deprivation. Late night binge watching of TV and the fact our bodies have just not been tired enough to get a good nights sleep. Dark circles and eye bags are the sign of a late night as ageing in this area breaks collagen and loosens the skin causing pigmentation and wrinkles.

Screen Time: Radiation from our screen have actually been reported to cause ageing, Bazaar magazine quoted "It comes as we’re increasingly attached to our digital devices, swiftly being labelled the silent agers of our generation.With millennials checking their phones an average of 150 times a day"

So how to help lockdown skin?

Movement: taking regular breaks outside is a must to boost vitamin D plus move your body and the act of mindfulness of the walk. Kelvin from https://www.nutritionbodymind.com/blog supports a great idea of doing a daily commute even though working from home.

Facial Massage: Using a massage stone, most commonly know as a Gua Sha is designed to work all areas of the face in lifting and toning.

https://www.soundtouchchange.com/product-page/gua-sha-white-jade Benefits: -Stimulating lymphatic drainage. -Decreasing puffiness. -Stimulating blood flow. -Increasing healing. -Brightening. -Reeducating muscle memory. -Gives you that youthful glow.

Sound Meditation: Sound does the work so you do not have too. The frequencies put our brain waves into Alpha & Theta brain waves which take years of meditation practice to achieve, its like a short cut. Also great for anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

Check out this free download below to experience sound.


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