What is anxiety trying to tell you?

"Anxiety is a warning sign from our unconscious to focus on what you want"

Anxiety is only ever a worry about the future and the worry of what we do not want, so its a warning to focus on what we want. Our unconscious mind is playing a movie of an imaginary picture that hasn’t ever happened yet.

I used to get this a lot with imposter syndrome, I would worry about the client jumping off the bed, shouting at me for how terrible I was. Looking back now it makes me want to laugh- all people ever used to tell me at the end was “that was the best treatment Iv ever had” my unconscious used to reply back in my mind saying “they are lying” 😂 I generally thought they were just trying to be nice.

So what to do: you need to step into a positive movie of the future, close your eyes and imagine the successful completion of the situation- what do you see, hear, feel to know it went perfect!

In a coding sessions for anxiety I would install this into your unconscious using a process called timeline therapy.

I invite you have a play yourself and see how it works for you the good.

Light & Love,


For anyone struggle and wants to run some session see link below for full details on coding session.