Who struggles with meditation?  

Well this is the short cut  you have been looking for.

Sound Therapy also know as a Gong Bath, Sound Session or Sound Bath uses different modalities of frequency and  vibration to shift our neural brainwaves into alpha and theta waves, that take years of meditation practice to get to.

Amanda performs regular sessions around East/North London & Kent including yoga studios, work events & even her famous all night session where she plays for 8 hours straight.


Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain & assisting us through times of change.

Check out my the blog on what to do for a Gong bath (do not worry no real baths involved)


What do the clients say?

"This was my first time trying a sound bath, I absolutely loved it and strongly recommend for anyone who struggles to switch their brain off for an hour of true relaxation. I find it very difficult to meditate normally, and found the immersive use of different sounds really helped with my anxiety and stomach issues. I am. am so glad that I managed to get this appointment before lock down"

"Amanda's gong baths have brought me a wonderful sense of peace and balance in my body. They feel like a love shower listening to these beautiful sounds and being taken on a trip filling my senses with a blissful peace. its helped me so much to give myself some.love and care when I need it. I am very grateful for the loving presence she brings, she a is a very beautiful soul. Thank you Amanda"


"Really recommend Amanda’s Overnight Gong Bath

It was such a sensational experience. An entire sleep that was truly & deeply relaxing and detoxifying. I love to bring my eye pillow. And don’t forget to bring some of your crystals to lay next to the gongs to get an ultra charge!

Thanks so much Darling, can’t wait to come back for the next one!"

Check it out yourself with our free download:

I would put your earphones in, pop an eye pillow on and enjoy.